How is it best to time things?
Through our own extensive experience of catering for a huge amount of weddings, we have compiled an example order of events below. We have found that this is usually the best way to time things, using our most popular 2×45 minute sets format.

Remember that this is only a guideline and we are of course happy to go along with whatever timings you ultimately decide. Please bear in mind however that having the band perform during the evening buffet is NEVER a good idea and band sets should always be either side of, or after then.

The band’s typical contracted hours are between 6pm – 12am. If your venue has a license that runs until 1am or 2am, you are more than welcome to hire the band for that additional time. We recommend only DJ sets after 12am.

6pm – Band arrives at venue
6pm – 7.30pm – Load into venue, setup and sound-check whilst the room is being turned around for the evening reception
7.30pm – 8pm – Light background music whilst evening guests arrive
8pm – 8.15pm – Cut cake, photos, first dance
8.15pm – 9pm – First Band Set
9pm – 9.45pm – Evening buffet with suitable background music
9.45pm – 10.30pm – Second DJ set
10.30pm – 11.15pm – Second Band Set
11.15pm – 12.00am – Final DJ Set

How do I book The Review for my event?
We aim to make booking The Review for your event as straight forward as possible. Once you have received your quote, simply let us know that you would like to go ahead and book the band. We will then send you a booking form which you will need to complete and return to us along with the non-refundable booking fee (this can be paid either by bank transfer or cheque). We will contact you three weeks prior to your event to check all the details are still correct. You are, of course, welcome to ask any questions you may have in the interim.

Does the band have PAT and PLI certification?
We always carry up to date PAT certification and have Public Liability Insurance cover up to £5,000,000. We are more than happy to forward the relevant documents to the event organiser at your venue if needed.

Can I come and see you play anywhere?
Due to the nature of what we do, the band play very few public shows. 99% of our gigs are private functions. However, there are occasions throughout the year where we will perform a public show. Get in touch and we’ll let you know if we have any upcoming shows where you can watch the band perform.

How much space do you require?
The band ask for a minimum performance area of 3×5 metres or similar to be allocated. The band has played on big festival stages, right through to intimate cellar bars. They will make the best use of any given space they can.

Does the band have any requirements?
We ask that the band be provided with a room to get changed in (any room is fine as long as it is not the toilets!), a hot meal or to be included in the evening buffet, and for soft drinks to be made available to them. We also require a safe supply of electricity with at least two outlets.